What we do

What is a Virtual Book?

A Virtual Book is a DVD delivers words, images, video and audio to the end user on a DVD player or on a Computer with an online connection.

All of our future products will also work in this way.

With full flythrough movement, see the interactive demo to see what we mean they are really great!

 We supply interactive maps for all of the featured walks, these have interactive icons on them which, when clicked, give you loads of additional information relating to things you will see on the walks, churches, woodlands, nature, viewpoints, pubs, cafe’s and lots lots more…. like this …..

All of our featured walks have been filmed at a cost in excess of £45000. They are all professionally edited and sound dubbed to give you a true cimematic experience. Each of the filmed walks feature real walkers and are complemented by a superb documentary voiceover giving loads of interesting historical and informative data.

Our Virtual Book products are not designed to replace conventionally printed books or exisiting guide books but to complement them. Indeed we have worked very closely with Eric and Lizzie Wallis of The South West Coast Path Association who produce a splendid printed South West Coast Path guide every year and we are not competing in any way!